Patronal Festival

24th June is the Patronal Festival
St John the Baptist

The festival marks the birth of St John he was born to Zechariah and Elizabeth in their old age in answer to prayer.

On 24th June, the beautiful church of St John’s the Baptist, Robin Hood Lane, Kingston Vale, SW15 3PY will be open for 24 hours of Prayer.  All are welcome to pop in for as long or short a time as you would like.  There will be prayer stations around the church, as well as notes about the history of the church, tea, coffee and biscuits. 
At Midnight 23rd /24th June Prayer of light.
Our 24 hours will begin at midnight, with a short service outside the church door.
Traditionally many people light fires to mark St John’s the Baptist Day so at midnight we will light a fire near the entrance to the church.
All will be invited to gather around to pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit will be with us and take a candle into the dark church to fill it with light. 
Sunrise is at 4.44am at that time Mandy will be in church to lead prayers to greet the day.  She will also lead a mindful meditation for those who would like this.
9am Morning prayer.  All welcome
12 noon A traditional BCP said communion service.  This is a form of service which has been shared in this church since it was first built.
5pm Renewal of Baptismal vows As our Patron Saint is St John the Baptist there will be an opportunity to renew your Baptismal vows
9pm Complin will be said in the church as the sunsets. 
Midnight 24th /25th Prayer of Blessing

Please do let us know by email if you have anything you would like us to pray for you on that special day.

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